Pay attention because your business depends on it

Never has this statement been so true as it is today with social media; who thought 10 years ago that companies would have departments called Reputation Management. It is the world we now live in.

Your sales and customer service execute perfectly; your product is one of kind and highly desired. None of this matters if the final delivery agent you use shows up in a t-shirt and reflects poorly on your company.

That's why at Liberty Transport our drivers are trained in final mile delivery including but not limited to customer service. Sometimes our drivers will not have the best news for your customers, for example - I can't take this freight into the house, but when they deliver they will deliver it with professionalism and means for the customer to remedy the situation.

While we strive for perfection we certainly know there will be exceptions and when those exceptions happen we have top notch customer service that turns these customers into your biggest advocates.

Take control of your customer experience by working with a partner who offers complete transparency

While it is easy for anyone to state a claim on the web, it is another thing for a company to challenge you to ask your customers for feedback; our service becomes value add as it is part of the buying experience.

Hire Liberty Transport and do away with your Reputation Management department; it will manage itself going forward.

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